Libraries dumping of books could signal a new dark age

“In May, Sydney University announced its library “restructure”.  This magnificent library, among the country’s finest, had already, a decade earlier, deacquisitioned some 60,000 books and theses. More recently there were further, unquantified and undeclared cloak-and-dagger dumpings to make space for the wifi and lounge-chairs that have given the once magical Fisher stack the look and feel of a church playgroup.

But the next phase is really radical. Closing two specialist libraries (Medical and Badham) and turning two others (Camden and Dentistry) into 24-hour vending machines, it targets anything not borrowed in the last 5 years, removing and/or destroying up to 500,000 books and jeopardising about 60% of the librarians’ jobs. Protests have been campus-wide but are unavailing.

Sydney is not alone.”

via Libraries dumping of books could signal a new dark age.


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