Internet Evolution – The Big Report – Google’s Mounting Trash Pile

“There have been questions about Google???s approach to research for years. And in the New York Times article on Google X cited above, authors Claire Cain Miller and Nick Bilton wrote: Because Google X is a breeding ground for big bets that could turn into colossal failures or Google???s next big business ??? and it could take years to figure out which ??? just the idea of these experiments terrifies some shareholders and analysts.It’s a market axiom that as competition increases, the need to focus usually grows as well. But Google seems stubbornly deaf to the message. How long can Google afford to ignore the rules and indulge its appetite for engineering?In this report, we???ll take a look at specific Google projects that seem to be headed nowhere ??? and at some of the numbers associated with them. And we???ll ask some hard questions about the ultimate value of Google???s R&D strategy. “

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