EBay adds invoice payments to PayPal with BillSafe acquisition ??? Tech News and Analysis


“BillSafe allows customers to purchase a product immediately and pay for it by invoice later. This gives merchants and consumers another way to pay using PayPal. BillSafe is already used by 15 million account holders in Germany, where 19.6 percent of e-commerce transactions were paid by invoice. Paying by invoice is also the most popular form of payment in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, said BillSafe.

Buying BillSafe adds to PayPal???s suite of tools for merchants who use PayPal. It already has BillMeLater, a service that allows customers to make a purchase immediately and then schedule payments at a later date. It???s a form of credit and it???s being used in PayPal???s new point-of-sale push, as a way for consumers to pay immediately and then change the funding source after a transaction. BillSafe allows PayPal to offer another secure payment option for consumers, who can inspect a product before they pay.”

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