Millions using YouTube Editor to enhance videos after posting ??? Online Video News


“Like the ???I???m Feeling Lucky??? button on the Google home page, this feature isn???t infallible, especially on footage filmed in dark rooms. But according to Toff, ???if it works, it works amazingly well??? ??? and if it doesn???t work, it can be deactivated with one click.

The ???I???m Feeling Lucky??? button was not the brainchild of a Google employee, but was instead a project developed by YouTube summer intern Timothy Wong, a computer science student at Stanford University. The challenge he was given, according to Toff, was to ???find a way to make videos better just by pressing a button.??? Wong completed the challenge in less than two months, with the feature launching just as his internship reached an end.

While YouTube software engineer Rushabh Doshi said that this isn???t the first user-facing feature developed by a Google intern, ???the scale of Timmy???s impact is really huge.???

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