Google Changes the Playing Field on News – Joshua Gans – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

But if you were the organization that broke a story, or researched and originated it through a long investigation, Google News wouldn’t give you a break. Your chance of a Google News link (and the associated revenue) would be the same as others who re-published your story. As one might expect, Google’s averaging was a disincentive to investigate and originate stories in the first place. In an environment of continued calls for renewed investigative journalism, Google was part of the problem.

Google has acknowledged this problem and sought to do something about it. In a blog post, Eric Weigle and Abe Epton described Google’s new approach to giving “credit where credit is due.” Given the fast pace of news, they argued, it’s hard to tell who originated a story. So they have now provided a mechanism —l two new metatags outlets can attach to a page — that will indicate which page was the original source of the story and, if two pages are similar (indicating they came from a syndicator), who originally syndicated the story.

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