Contribute to AcaWiki

In the process of studying for my PhD general examinations this
year, I ended up writing summaries about 200 academic books and

AcaWiki is a wiki designed to host summaries of academic articles so
it seemed like a great place to host these things. Over the last few
months, I’ve uploaded all these summaries. Since I’ve finished, I’ve
continued to add summaries of other articles as I read them.

My summaries tend to be rough. I write them, run them through a
spellchecker, and then post them. I don’t even reread them before
publishing. I hope to improve them as I reread them over time. Of
course, because I’ve uploaded them to wiki, I hope others will add to
and improve the summaries as well.

AcaWiki uses Semantic Mediawiki and provides nice platform for
publishing, editing, and collaboration. Although there are still ways in
which the platform can be better, what is needed now is, quite simply,
more contributors. I am sad to see that my summaries make up a big
chunk of all summaries on the site.

So if you are a student, an academic, or anyone else who writes or has
written summaries of articles or books or if you might want to do so,
you should consider contributing your summaries, in whatever form, to
AcaWiki. I’ve done a little work to help integrate AcaWiki and
Zotero which might make things easier.

Doctoral students reading for qualifying or general examinations in
particular should should consider taking notes and studying with
AcaWiki. From the student’s perspective, writing summaries can be one of
the best way to reflect on and learn a literature. In the process,
one can create a great resource for the rest of the world. If
a single doctoral student from each of twenty diverse fields of study
published summaries of the 200 key articles in their area, AcaWiki would
have the critical core of what is most relevant in academia. Help us build

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