The Great Big Spreadsheet of All Known Android Devices Everywhere

How many Droids are there? How much RAM is in the Nexus One? Does the Samsung Galaxy S support Wi-Fi N? Does the Droid X have a bigger screen than the Droid 2? Can you get Android in a TV? In a car?

If these are the sort of questions you’ve found yourself wondering about (or even Googling about with limited success), there’s a new resource out there that you should be aware of. It’s this incredible spreadsheet of all known Android devices and their technical specifications. And it includes smartphones, netbooks, e-books, PMPs (personal media players), MIDs (mobile Internet devices), TVs, cars and more.


We have to credit Portable Electronics Ltd., a New Zealand-based electronics distribution company, for building this massive resource. And we must thank the many kind folks on Twitter who also brought this to our attention.

The spreadsheet, which is a publicly available Google Doc, sorts Android devices into different categories (phones, netbooks, TV, etc.) using tabs across the top. Smartphones are even further divided into “Android mobile phones 2010” and “Android mobile phones 2009.” Since the spreadsheet is currently linked to from the electronics company’s website, we have to believe that it has plans to keep it updated as new devices are released.

That would make this spreadsheet one of the best resources we’ve ever come across for tracking Android’s incredible growth, the numerous supported devices, not to mention its spread to non-smartphone devices like netbooks, PMPs and even TVs and cars.

While we’re at it, we should also point out that Portable Electronics Ltd. maintains a pretty great list of the top free Android APKs (apps), too, and a list of recommended Android applications, games, stores and more.

Happy Friday, Internet!

Note: We have not fact-checked this spreadsheet in its entirety for accuracy, but feel free to comment if you notice any omissions, changes, etc. We’ll do our best to pass them along to the spreadsheet’s creators.


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