50% of One Laptop Kids in Peru Are Teaching Their Parents How to Read & Write.

Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the One Laptop Per Child foundation, said on stage today at the Techonomy conference that “50% of the kids in Peru who use One Laptop Per Child are teaching their parents how to read and write.” That’s seriously disruptive, isn’t it?

Peru is one of the most supportive countries of the OLPC computers, the government there purchased more than 260,000 of them.  But according to a critical blog post on the OLPC site, written by a Peruvian non-profit technologist, the reality on the ground is not as triumphant as advocates would have us think.  Distribution is chaotic and two years after launch, less than 5% of the OLPC laptops in Peru are connected to the Internet, the post alleges.  

Hopefully that will change. 

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