The Sexbots Approach

That’s Andy, a (female) sex doll that mimics respiration and pulsation, created by German company First Androids. Jezebel, of course, worries that sex dolls represent what misogynist desire most: a girl with out a brain. I’m still of the opinion that an object like Andy is nothing more than a ritzy masturbatory aid, fundamentally, not too different from a dildo or a porn video. Once old-fashioned feminist condemned porn, citing objectification of women.

First Androids
{via h+ Magazine}

2009 Loebner prize winner for must human-like chatbot, Dave Levy says:

I think the sex robot will happen fairly soon because the bottom is dropping out of the adult entertainment market, because there’s so much sex available for nothing on the internet.

…if you think of the number of vibrators that sell to women. I’m sure a male sex doll with a vibrating penis will sell better than sex dolls today. I’ll be surprised if it’s more than another three years or so before we see more advanced sex dolls with more electronics and electromechanics.

Let’s talk about sex … with robots

When sex dolls have brains (A.I.) is when we’ll really have to start worring. They won’t be mindless objects any longer. They won’t be sex dolls. They’ll be human.

Android rights are far off though. Gays can’t even fuck in some places yet.

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