Google D.C. Talk Oct. 9: LOLcats, Cheezburgers, and FAILs

Posted by Adam Kovacevich, Senior Manager, Public Policy Communications

Our next Google D.C. Talk is coming up on October 9, and it should be a fun one.

Two years ago, the blog I Can Has Cheezburger introduced Internet surfers to LOLcats — cute kitten photos with misspelled captions — and a user-generated phenomenon was born. Since then, the entrepreneur who owns the site, Ben Huh, has started more than 20 other user-generated sites, including FAIL blog (photos of flops), GraphJam (life’s inanities captured in graphs and pie charts), This Is Photobomb (photo interlopers), and Totally Looks Like (funny doppelgangers).

Beyond capturing the zeitgeist and making people laugh, Huh has turned these sites into a profitable business attracting more than 10 million visitors a month. But what can policymakers learn from the success of user-submitted content? On October 9, Huh will explain how “making the world happy for 5 minutes a day” is a viable business model; what motivates people to create and remix their own content for others to enjoy; what the rise of LOLcats means for our culture; and how the copyright laws impact the spread of user-generated content.

Google D.C. Talks Presents:
LOLcats, Cheezburgers, and FAILs:
Building an Online Media Empire by Making People Happy
A Conversation with Ben Huh, CEO, Cheezburger Network
Friday, October 9, 2009
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Google D.C. Office
1101 New York Avenue, NW, 2nd Floor
Washington, DC

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