Mahir “I Kiss You” Cagri Confirmed To Attend ROFLCon II

Welcome back! While most people were taking yesterday off enjoying the last few days of summer, you can rest assured that the ROFLTeam here in Boston was plopped in front of their computers and working round the clock in dimly lit rooms for you, dear readers.

Pretty excited to kick off this week with a big one: got a chance to hop on the ol’ Skype with Mel yesterday — the manager for elder statesman of web fame Mahir Cagri. We’ve extended an invitation and I’m glad to officially confirm that he’ll be flying all the way from Turkey to attend ROFLCon II. If you’re unfamilliar with Mahir, his site “I KISS YOU” became wildly popular back in 1999 for reasons that’ll rapidly become obvious if you visit the site — according to Mel, Mahir’s apparently got a book and documentary coming out soon as well.

Now we just need Hampster Dance and Dancing Baby. In any case, stay tuned! We’re going to make it rain this week with guest announcements.


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