New Zealander Invents Segway Alternative

RainbowBrite writes “The YikeBike is the invention of a New Zealander aiming to alleviate city congestion. ‘It might look like a collision between a praying mantis and a child’s scooter, but it’s the result of five years of work to reinvent the wheel, with one important addition: an electric motor. It’s a bicycle, but not as we have come to know it. For a start, you sit upright and steer with your hands at your side.'” The YikeBike weighs in at a measly 22 lbs but has a hefty price tag of almost $5,000 US (£3,000). The expected lifespan is only 1,000 charges but has a projected range of around six miles.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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