New Instrument $15k Competition @ GaTech

Georgia Tech Music Dept. is hosting the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Feb 27-28. If you're in the area, it looks to be an interesting event.

"The first Guthman Musical Instrument Competition presented by GTCMT and Harmonix (makers of Guitar Hero and Rock Band) will award $15,000 to the best novel musical instruments as judged by a panel of experts from Harmonix, Wired, and Georgia Tech.

Entrants must perform a musical work with their new instrument to demonstrate its musicality, design, and engineering features. Performances may include traditional acoustic and/or electronic instruments alongside the new instrument. They may also include multimedia elements such as video, animation, graphics, text, kinesthetics, hydraulics, dance, or acting.

Judges include Eran Egozy, the co-founder of Harmonix (Guitar Hero Co-Founder), Eliot Van Buskirk from Wired, and a professor from the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology…. "

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