The Video Situation

(picture courtesy Dave Fisher, photo CC BY NC SA)

We’ve been getting lots of questions about video from the conference. Luckily, the various ROFLCon-Respectably French camera crews swarming around the event doing streaming also were simultaneously capturing the entire conference in hundred and hundred of delicious gigabytes of video for posterity. So if you didn’t catch a few panels you really wanted to, or need to show your lame friend who didn’t go something: rest assured, it’ll be available soon.

The good news: true to our Free Culture stripes, it’s going to be all released on a CC BY SA license, which means you’re free to share it, copy it, remix it, or use it for whatever gawd dang thing you please, so long as you credit it (and let people do the same).

The less exciting news: Dean and our video guys are meeting up over the weekend/next week to discuss the best way of posting this. Needless to say, it’s alot of material, so we’re working out hosting issues. Expect some delays (though we’ll alert everyone when it’s all good to go). There’ll be clips popping up over here in the immediate future, so stay tuned…

[Update: it’s also been pointed out to me right now that searching YouTube brings up a bunch of partial video recorded at the event (and almost the entirety of the Anonymous panel. And, of course, there’s always the odd clip or two on our flickr pool]


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