Footprint by Charlotte Tangye


I’ve always believed that a good product is one that combines elegance and simplicity while offering common sense functionality. This modular shoe rack, aptly named Footprint, can claim to be one such. This product has been designed by young UK-based designer Charlotte Tangye, who believes in design that engages the user with a sense of poetry and at the same time tackles the space problem in urban apartments. Footprint promises to catch the attention of visitors to your home with its unique feet-shaped design, and at the same time saves valuable floor space since it can be mounted on any wall.

The basic inspiration behind the design seems to have been shirt and coat hangers that are shaped like shoulders – having the rack shaped like feet seems to be a natural and effective extension of that idea. Made out of 4mm powder coated steel, the rack will be able to handle all varieties of shoes and sandals quite easily. There is also a special rack designed exclusively for children’s shoes. The only problem that I see with this product is the likelihood of ruining your walls while inserting and removing shoes.

Available for around $65 (includes international shipping cost) in white, fuchsia pink and powder blue colors.

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