A Tumblr Chronicles Google Art Project Copyright Fails

“… many museum collections house works that cannot be seen through the service due to copyright restrictions on the pieces. Thus, the 360-degree museum tours occasionally display a work that is blurred. This may make for a strange sight during your virtual travels, as well as a mysterious guessing game that a Tumblr called Righted Museum is dedicated to chronicling. Righted Museum is an ongoing project of Mario Santamaria, a new media artist who has worked with the Google Art Project before in a series called “Running Through the Museum,” which depicts what it is like to move through a virtual representation of a museum at the highest possible speed. Another Google Art Project piece by Santamaria in the form of a Tumblr blog, “The Camera in the Mirror,” catalogues various times that the Google Street View camera has captured its own reflection in a mirror—a kind of unintended self-portrait—while photographing a museum.”

via A Tumblr Chronicles Google Art Project Copyright Fails.


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