Daily Dot | YouTubers ask: Why did Google kill Curse Network?

Infographic: The drastic effect of YouTube???s redesign

“???Curse Network emerges as a promising alternative to Machinima. Then Google invests $30MM in Machinima. Curse shut down by Google. ???#justsayin???,??? George Strompolos, a former Google employee, tweeted on May 29.

Google shut down the gaming network by revoking the network???s AdSense account, effectively cutting off the company???s revenue stream. Without ads, Curse Network can???t generate any profit.

???About three weeks ago now our ability to actually monetize videos on YouTube was suddenly and inexplicably revoked,??? wrote Donovan Duncan, vice president of marketing, in an email the network sent to all of its partners (and submitted to the Daily Dot anonymously). ???To date we have had no explanation from YouTube or Google as to WHY.???

Google did not respond to a request for comment.”

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