SuperPoke Pets shuts down, leaving worthless virtual goods – Sep. 6, 2011

Google is shutting down SuperPoke! Pets -- and the cash users spent on virtual goods has likely flown out the window

“Fans of SuperPoke! Pets were crushed recently when Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) announced it was pulling the plug on the game. Google killed off all but one project from social app maker Slide, which it bought last year for around $200 million.

Players posted a torrent of comments on Web articles about the shutdown, saying they were upset to lose their beloved game — but they also wanted to know what would happen to the cash they’ve plowed into it.

SuperPoke! Pets lets players buy online “gold,” which can be redeemed for virtual goods in the game. Many other social games, including Zynga’s wildly popular Farmville, also make money by encouraging users to shell out cash for virtual decorations, livestock and more.

Those paying customers keep the games afloat — and they’re not happy about the prospect of losing their digital stash.

“You do realize that people paid REAL MONEY for gold items, don’t you?” Jennifer Gyurkovic-Hagmann commented on a TechCrunch article. “I expect a check in the mail for all of the gold items that I have in the SuperPoke Pets game.””

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