Everyone loves e-books, but no one wants to lend them ??? Tech News and Analysis


“The bottom line is that everyone seems to agree that electronic books are a boon ??? to readers, authors and publishers ??? but no one can figure out how to allow them to be loaned the way traditional physical books can. In some cases (as with Penguin???s refusal to join the public-library program), this seems to be in part a result of a fear of losing control over the content, and in part a fear of being disintermediated by Amazon. And in the case of the Authors??? Guild and the big six publishers, neither seems to deal with Amazon because they see it as a threat to the existing power structure in the industry.

Only Amazon seems to be interested in what users want, which is easy (and cheap) access to electronic books ??? and in the end, that could be the biggest weapon the retailer has when it comes to getting authors and publishers to play ball.”

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