Transgressive. Titillating? Twincest!

2009 appears to be the year of the twins in the gay porn world. I say the standout duo are Milo and Elijah Peter for breaking the ultimate taboo: boning each other. I’ve expressed my views on incest before… The Westermarck effect applies to most of us, but the few who want to have consensual sex with their sibling have the logical right to do so. When twins have sex, it gets interesting—only visually. 

It’s not a big deal. Incestuous identical twins are merely fucking their own DNA. We all touch ourselves.

Fleshbot Twincest Gallery
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Video: Milton Twins use strapon (3 min.)
Video: Anja and Katja + cock (14 min.)

Forgive the tease. Jenee and Renee Jolie only do softcore.
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