Muslimanski odmak od homofobije

Prenosimo dio članka iz The Jakarta Posta:

Homosexuals and homosexuality are natural and created by God, thus permissible within Islam, a discussion concluded here Thursday.

Moderate Muslim scholars said there were no reasons to reject homosexuals under Islam, and that the condemnation of homosexuals and homosexuality by mainstream ulema and many other Muslims was based on narrow-minded interpretations of Islamic teachings.

Siti Musdah Mulia of the Indonesia Conference of Religions and Peace cited the Koran’s al-Hujurat (49:3) that one of the blessings for human beings was that all men and women are equal, regardless of ethnicity, wealth, social positions or even sexual orientation.

“There is no difference between lesbians and nonlesbians. In the eyes of God, people are valued based on their piety,” she told the discussion organized by nongovernmental organization Arus Pelangi.

“And talking about piety is God’s prerogative to judge,” she added.

“The essence of the religion (Islam) is to humanize humans, respect and dignify them.”

Musdah said homosexuality was from God and should be considered natural, adding it was not pushed only by passion.

Aleluja da je netko shvatio i javno rekao! Naravno, ovo je kap… još će mnogo vode proći ispod Savskog mosta dok stvari u muslimanskim zemljama krenu na bolje, no čestitam na inicijativi.

Naravno, našlo se tamo i “pravednika”:

Condemnation of homosexuality was voiced by two conservative Muslim groups, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and Hizbut Thahir Indonesia (HTI).

“It’s a sin. We will not consider homosexuals an enemy, but we will make them aware that what they are doing is wrong,” MUI deputy chairman Amir Syarifuddin said.

Rokhmat, of the hardline HTI, several times asked homosexual participants in attendance to repent and force themselves to gradually return to the right path.

Vjernicima, naravno, ostaje izbor između onih koji propovijedaju da njihov bog voli jednako sve koje je stvorio i onih koji uče da taj isti bog mrzi sve koji su različiti od njih (propovjednika). I ne zaboravite: šutnjom također radite izbor (za one koji su glasniji).

Primijenjivo i na druge velike religije, a ne samo Islam.

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