Thoughtless signage in lovely Florence

My relatives returned from a trip to wonderful Firenze, and shared some terrible experiences trying to get their rental car back to the rental office in that ancient city’s dense traffic. Which brought to mind my own experience in the matter some years back.


I was trying to steer a course through all the one-way streets back to the car drop off location in downtown Florence, and no matter how hard I tried to navigate the narrow streets with my map, I always kept finding myself forced back to the same spot by the one-way street signs. The only way to the rental office seemed to be through a street blocked with a “no entry either way” sign.

It was only after the second or third try that I noticed a tiny text sign under the round no entry sign.

It said “except for car rental returns”.

In pure Italian...

Photo courtesy echiner1, shared on flickr under CC license.

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