Michael Jackson Breaks Several Facebook Records During Memorial Service (Updated)

michael-jackson-glove-facebook-giftMichael Jackson’s memorial service is dominating all the news channels today, and Facebook has just shared the latest statistics of related activity on Facebook:

  • As we detailed earlier, Michael Jackson now has the most popular page on Facebook, with over 7 million fans. Jackson surpassed Barack Obama, who had held the top spot since last year, yesterday.
  • The free Michael Jackson glove virtual gift is the most popular in Facebook history, with over 800,000 given away so far.
  • CNN Live with Facebook has seen over 500,000 status updates (about 6,000 per minute) from over 300,000 unique users as of 10:30am PT. More stats to come soon…

UPDATE: Here are the final metrics from Facebook.

  • 1 million users logged in to Facebook “Live Stream” widgets on partner sites
  • 800,000 status updates were made by those users

Facebook’s Live Stream widget was integrated by CNN, E! Online, MTV, and ABC News this morning. Here’s how the numbers broken down by site:


  • 733,000 status updates
  • 759,000 Facebook users viewing broadcast
  • 6,000 updates/minute at the peak

E! Online:

  • 9,000 status updates
  • 87,000 Facebook users viewing broadcast


  • 48,000 status updates
  • 97,000 Facebook users viewing broadcast


  • 5,000 status updates
  • 21,000 Facebook users viewing broadcast

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