Make notes, draw sketches and let your creativity flow without being chained to a keyboard, and turn any scrap of paper into your very own electronic notebook. Back in the good old days*, before the information superhighway plowed its way into everyone’s living room, people used to write letters to each other to stay in touch. With the increased popularity of email and texts this soon flew out the window and the closest we get to personalizing our correspondence is devising kooky e-signatures featuring “uplifting” thoughts for the day and other such banal and sycophantic psychobabble.

The Zpen lets you claim back a bit of your personality and freedom, and gives you a chance to dust off your handwriting. Clip the receiver to the top of any piece of paper or notepad and it will record every single stroke the Zpen makes, even if you’re just doodling aimlessly. All you need do is plug the device into your USB drive when you get home (or to the office) and it effortlessly transfers your scrawl to your PC. If you need to convert your handwritten note into a document you can even transform it into plain text using the clever software provided. It’s small enough to carry in your pocket, so if you’re ever gripped by idea fever you can clip it to a cocktail napkin and scribble away to your heart’s content. It will even recognize drawings! It’s great to finally see handwriting play such a big part in a futuristic device like this, write and sketch anywhere!


*And why were they good? If you weren't a Prince then you probably lived in a hovel, ate gruel, slaved all day for some ponce with big hair and too many horses, had zero education and probably zero teeth, far too many children, and died poor, hungry and stupid at the age of 35. Doesn't sound that good really does it?


– A receiver and pen so you can scribble on any bit of paper and upload your sketches and notes onto your PC.
– The Zpen has a 1GB memory device that records your pen strokes.
– Software is pre-stored on the memory device so you can convert handwritten notes to digital text and find keywords.
– Whilst the handwriting conversion software is staggeringly effective, for best results we would recommend that you make sure your handwriting is as clear and well formed as possible.
– The pen can be refilled with standard ballpoint ink cartridges (if you're unsure of which ones to get just take the pen to the nearest stationery store).
– Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP & Vista.
– Suitable for ages 14 years+.
– Requires a USB port.
– The Zpen requires 2 x V393 Batteries (included).

Available at: I Want One Of Those (UK/USA/International)

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