USB cable with built-in SD card reader


Here comes a modest marriage made in digital heaven – the one between the ubiquitous USB cable and the memory card reader. Now, you just smacked yourself for not having thought of it yourself, didn’t ya ? We did too, when we saw the 2-in-1 SD(HC) Card Reader Cable.

This is a mini USB cable containing a pretty smartly integrated SD card reader lying mid-way between the two connecting ends. How it works – putting a memory card into the reader will disable data transfer between the connected USB device and the PC, even though charging of the device (if applicable) will continue unhindered. Of course, the other way holds good too – removing the memory card from the reader clears the data transfer path between the USB device and the PC. Simple enough.

Well c’mon folks, that’s enough goading to make you get one for yourself considering that it costs a mere $12 to make your life soooo much better.

Via OhGizmo!

Posted by kanchana


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