Intera, the ideal inter-city and intra-city combination

When I announced the design competition finalists and later the winner, I mentioned that I also planned to post some of the other entries. As I said, I thought many of them were very interesting and, in my opinion, deserve to be shared. I am not really going to be posting them in any particular order, just randomly as I have the opportunity to do so. This is probably the first one that came to my mind today because there has been a lot of discussion on the blog lately about recumbent positioning. Anyway, here is the first of many more to come.

The Intera, by designer Pieter Lasage, converts from a recumbent to an upright. This concept happened to be the one that I listed as my 10th pick. I liked the idea and the execution of the concept, but I wasn’t convinced enough to move it higher up my list of favorites. You can read Pieter’s description of the concept though, and form your own opinion. Like many of the other entries, this concept is a great example of creative thinking. Thanks again to all who took the time to think about the problem and to enter a design in the competition.

Now onto Pieter’s description of his concept:

a recumbent bike and a standard bike in one
A recumbent bike is more efficient and comfortable for long distances while a standard bike is safer and more manoeuvrable in city traffic. ‘intera’ has all these advantages.

fast and easy conversion
The driver can transform the bicycle in both directions in a few simple steps, without disassembling any part or lifting the bike off the ground. It only takes a few seconds.

without compromising ergonomics in both positions
We built the bike around the two ideal positions (sitting and laying down) instead of fitting the person around the bike.

with only standard industry-wide techniques, systems and parts
This way the time to market and the investment cost is kept to a minimum.

target market
commuters; people who live outside the city and go to work inside the city

innovative features
two comfortable bicycles in one
only using industry-wide techniques, systems and parts.

frame: bended and welded aluminium tubes

drive: standard chains and gears

mechanisms: all hinges (seat, steer and pedals) and locks are plain, low tech and implemented in a way that momentum forces are reduced to a minimum.

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