New Pipes YQL module and changes to “Use this Pipe” banner

We just added a new source module: YQL.

YQL complements Pipes by allowing you to fetch, aggregate and mash up data from many sources using a SQL-like SELECT syntax. To find out more about YQL click here.

To use YQL, simply enter a YQL statement (select * from feed where url=’’) into the textarea. To drill down further into the result set you can use either the Pipes Sub-element module or by using projection in a YQL statement. For example: select title from feed where url=’’ returns only the titles from the Digg RSS feed.


The YQL module has 2 output modes: Results only or Diagnostics and results. Diagnostics provides additional data such as: count, language type and more.

You can test your query in the YQL console by clicking on the “Try in the console” link. The YQL console provides sample queries and shows what data tables are available to query against.


Here are some interesting queries to get you started:

  • Fetch two rss feeds, Digg and Mixx and sort them by pubDate
    select * from rss where url in (‘’,’’) | sort(field=”pubDate”)
  • Find Flickr photos that are tagged “fog” and are in San Francisco
    select * from where photo_id in (select id from where woe_id in (select woeid from geo.places where text=”san francisco, ca”) and tags = “fog”)

We also listened to your suggestions and made it easier to access your Pipes RSS/JSON urls by putting it on the main Use this Pipe banner menu. It should speed up access to these widely used formats.

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